what type of bus does pci express use

Many people ask what type of bus is used by a computer. They are also usually interested in knowing what types of peripherals such as printers and scanners that they will need to connect their computers to. However, one of the first questions they may ask is what type ofContinue Reading

why is my mouse not working

If you are having trouble with your mouse not working, then it’s more than likely that the optical tracking is not working. Optical tracking is a very common problem on an optical mouse. It means that your mouse is tracking so closely to the right spot on the screen thatContinue Reading

mouse keeps freezing

eventually need to seek out mouse freezing solutions to make your mouse movements unidirectional. Mouse freezing is an extremely annoying problem and it can make your work difficult. First things first, you should try to determine the cause of your computer freezing problem. Then, you can figure out what theContinue Reading