Congress of future medical leaders legit

congress of future medical leaders legit

The National Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Markzenoros. It is one of many such organizations in the United States that do not meet their stated objectives. So, is the congress of future medical leaders legit? You decide. Read on to find out more about this non-profit membership organization.

The National Academy of Sciences and Space Engineers, or NASSE, is an international non-profit organization headed by George Noory. Its stated mission is “to promote knowledge, technology, and innovation for the benefit of mankind.” Although it does have some legitimate high-level medical research goals, many members are upset that it promotes college credit for medical scientists. For example, it recommends that federal agencies award scholarships for undergraduate students who participate in NASSE activities. This would seem to make sense, as the federal government needs qualified scientists to develop new and improved medical technologies.

One of the problems with this scholarship program is that it encourages future physicians to go into medicine

This could potentially lower the quality and number of doctors in the future. As if that was not bad enough, the scholarship money given to high school students by the national academy is paid for by taxpayer dollars. That means the taxpayers foot the bill for the trips and educational expenses of these future physicians. Not only is this questionable, but it is also ethically wrong.

Is the United States Congress of Future Medical Leaders legit and if so, why?

The reason I ask is that there appears to be a wide-ranging conspiracy involving certain medical groups, academic institutions, and political insiders. In a report released by the investigative team at Popular Mechanics, Thomasredit, an individual was identified as a former employee of the American Association of College Physicians. The report states that he “may have influenced the conclusions” of a recent study concerning the dangers of cell phone radiation. While the exact name of the individual has not been released, he is connected to the university through his connection to the national academy.

Why would high school students have to pay for the studies of future physicians?

If these politicians truly believed in the free market system, then they should not be required to pay for anything. The other problems with the scholarship are numerous, but I will spare you the details. What I am sure about is that the National Academy and congressmen are in cahoots somehow. I also know of one individual who started up a think tank and says that the medical scientists real goal is to create a monopoly over all medical devices.

Is this true? Is the United States Congress of future medical leaders legit because they require high school students to pay for their studies? It appears so. Who do you believe? I do, and I am quite confident that you will too.

Some say that there is a huge shortage of nurses in the United States

Perhaps this is why the medical industry has not addressed this issue until now. Many hospitals are not staffed by nurse practitioners and others do not have them within their staff structure. This means that thousands of people with the skills and education to become nurse practitioners are not having access to them.

The future of the medical industry rests on the shoulders of future medical leaders like us. You can help them get to where they need to be by continuing your education. There is plenty of free online coursework available to you. You do not have to take time away from work to complete it. Take advantage of what free online courses offer today.

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