Granblue Fantasy: Relink is coming to PlayStation 5

Granblue Fantasy

The ongoing Granblue Fantasy Fest 2020 has brought a lot of fresh information to fans of the Granblue Fantasy brand, which is the greatest gem, the Relink game, which has been prepared for years, officially goes to PlayStation 5!

Cygames has been working on its title at least since 2016, when the creation of an action RPG project set in the open world was announced

After 4 years of work on the title, the Asian developer and publisher boasted quite extensive gameplay material, where we see combat, exploration, character change and several other mechanics that in fact slightly resemble another recently released Asian production, Genshin Impact.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink will be much bigger, prettier, better and more pimped in terms of complexity of the fun mechanics

Cygames has just announced that the adventure planned for 2022 will not only go to PlayStation 4, but will also be released on PlayStation 5 on the day of its premiere – which is not a surprise.

After all, the new console will then celebrate its second birthday. Are you waiting for this title?

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