Matrix 4 what can we expect from the continuation of the box office blockbuster?

matrix 4

The fourth part of The Matrix, produced by Lana Wachowski, is one of the most anticipated premieres in the next several months. Some viewers count on the ingenious development of the formula of the three previous parts, others expect a spectacular flop, after which it will be possible to put the entire series on the shelf with series that the creators were unable to finish in the right moment.

The Wachowski Matrix, which had its world premiere in 1999, was a real breath of fresh air in the world of film entertainment

Undoubtedly, it was possible to combine an extremely ambitious content, referring to many philosophical concepts, such thinkers as Descartes or Jean Baudrillard, with an effective, action-packed story and wrapping everything in a futuristic concept. On the one hand, this one referred to our present, and on the other, showed what the future may look like. If you add charismatic heroes to this, both the leading characters, such as Neo, Trinity, Morpheus or Agent Smith, and supporting characters, such as The Oracle and Merovingian – it should be added: perfectly cast – it is not surprising that subsequent productions of the trilogy were a huge success.

The fourth part started to be talked about in 2015…

… when Lilly Wachowski first referred to the possibility of making it in an interview, adding that film studios are now very eager to invest in sequels, reboots and adaptations of well-known books, much more afraid of working on completely new materials. In 2017, there were more rumors about the production, then there was no talk of the participation of any of the Wachowski sisters, but rather about the possibility of expanding the universe, as well as a prequel about a young Morpheus, who could be played by Michael B. Jordan, strongly associated with the project. The official announcement of the start of work on the fourth part took place in 2019 and then it was also confirmed that Lana Wachowski will direct it, and also worked on its script.

This one is no coincidence a closely guarded secret, and so far little is known about it, which most commentators consider to be the greatest advantage of the fast-paced continuation of the great, futuristic blockbuster. At a time when producers are trying to build interest in their film at every step, it’s nice that others do completely different. Of course, this is because the universe of “The Matrix” is extremely interesting in itself and still has a group of devoted fans who are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the fourth installment of the series, on the other hand, there is a much larger audience who are wondering how some issues will be resolved, what exactly will be about the story, and even who will actually be its main character.

What’s next for Neo?

It would be hard to imagine the new part of “The Matrix” without Keanu Reeves, who in the meantime has become the star of another popular film series: “John Wick”, revitalizing his career once again. This fact provokes various, highly ironic theories that the newest part of the Matrix will actually be played in the same universe as the series directed by Chad Stahelski, into whom Neo was thrown by machines to eliminate all people aware of being in the Matrix before they will begin to form into groups. The very presence of the Canadian star provokes questions about how and on what terms he will be brought back to life and what a great role he will play in it.

It is hard to imagine that the man once known as Thomas Anderson would be content with the status of a kind of mentor for the new “Chosen One” or that he would become someone who – travesting Jarosław Kaczyński – would be called “a retired savior of humanity.” The basic question, however, is how Neo will return to this universe after winning the battle with Agent Smith, during which he himself died. The game “The Matrix Online”, released in 2005, so right after the third part of the trilogy, in which RSI (Residual Self Image) Neo, i.e. the character under which a given unit appears in the Matrix, is not completely lost and it is possible to get her back. In addition, the machines refuse to hand over the body to Neo Morpheus, right after the battle with Agent Smith, which is also a clue that allows the hero to “resurrect” in the new installment quite meaningfully.

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