New Mass Effect. The mysterious mass relay will play a huge role in the game?

New Mass Effect

Michael Gamble heats up the atmosphere around the new Mass Effect, suggesting that the mass relay, already shown in the concept art, will play a large role in the new installment of the popular series.

Mass Effect (2023) was – unexpectedly – announced at this year’s The Game Awards

The first trailer hid many secrets, which I spoke about in yesterday’s text full of theories. If you are interested in what the fifth part of the iconic brand is most likely to be, click here.

Fans of the trilogy and Andromeda begin to inundate Michael Gamble, the developer responsible for the new Mass Effect, with various questions about the upcoming installment

A lot of questions revolve around the mass relay, revealed some time ago, which will play a significant role – looking at the developer’s statement – in the upcoming story.

It is said that thanks to it, recipients will be able to move between two galaxies – the Milky Way and Andromeda. BioWare may want to connect both worlds, find a new enemy (it may be a high-tech race that we meet in Andromeda), for which all inhabitants of the world created by Canadians will be needed to destroy.

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