NieR Re [in] carnation delayed. The mobile version of the series will not debut until 2021


Square Enix has delivered bad news to everyone who has been eagerly anticipating the NieR games for smartphones. The premiere will be postponed and the debut will not take place this year, as initially planned.

NieR fans got a very pleasant surprise on Friday night. During the online The Game Awards 2020, we were shown a brilliant gameplay from NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … which has reinvigorated players’ expectations. A great refreshment of the PS3 project is being prepared.

Unfortunately, the last few days are not only positive news for fans of the NieR series

While the new trailer of the mentioned title may be enjoyable, many people will undoubtedly be sad about the delay of the mobile spin-off, NieR Re [in] carnation. This one was supposed to debut in Japan this year, but unfortunately, what seems to be the standard of recent months, will be postponed.

On the official Japanese account of the game, on Twitter, we can read the apologies from the creators and the promise that the project will debut at the beginning of 2021

It remains to be hoped that this will happen, because the first material from the game promised a really wonderful adventure for fans of the series – it’s worth it remember them.

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