Perfect Dark will fully use the power of the next genes. The creators promise completely new experiences

perfect dark games

The big surprise from The Initiative, which was announced on the occasion of The Game Awards 2020 broadcast, is to take full advantage of the powerful next-gen console to deliver something completely new.

The Game Awards 2020 took place overnight, Thursday to Friday, and a lot of people have been looking forward to it – partly to know the winners in specific categories and partly to announce new games. The latter have nothing to complain about, because there are a lot of trailers (check our impressions here), and one of the biggest surprises was the information about the work on Perfect Dark!

On the occasion of the announcement, we could also read an interview with the devs, who revealed how they intend to use the power of the next genes to further improve the experience of the game

The Initiative said they intend to fully demonstrate what it means to be a spy – so it won’t be the standard first-person shooter like many.

The creators intend to offer us very high mobility, a multitude of gadgets and a real sense of the work that we will do – and these are just a few examples that are to distinguish the upcoming Perfect Dark (2022) from other FPS games. Thanks to the power of the next genes, we will get completely new equipment, weapons and a completely new quality.

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