Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to PlayStation 5. The game will offer a quadruple cross-buy

Shakedown Hawaii review

The Vblank Entertainment team has long been working on the successor to Retro City Rampage, which made its debut in its time on almost every possible gaming platform on the market. Shakedown: Hawaii is about to set this record!

After last year’s premiere on several basic platforms, the creators of Shakedown: Hawaii decided to have a bit of fun with their fans and give retro lovers something that no one else on the market provides them – an absolute choice! Originally, the Vblank team planned to release their title only on a few leading platforms, where there are real chances of earning money, without unnecessarily spending money down the drain on fancy stuff. Now that the game itself has earned its money, its authors are going crazy. In June I wrote about the fact that the Hawaiian adventure will unexpectedly be released in physical form on the Wii and Wii U, thanks to which it was one of the last to be released on both systems.

Now it has been announced that the whole thing will go to PlayStation 5 on December 15 and will join the cross-buy program, which allows you to buy one copy of the game for all Sony consoles. Thus, this is the first and probably the only production with a quadruple cross-buy!

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