Subscriptions are the future of the gaming industry? Convenience can win over aesthetics

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Admittedly, over the past decade, subscription services have grown to an exorbitant extent, and there are many indications that this trend will continue. The expansion of such plans seems to even accelerate, and each of us today uses at least one such easy form of accessibility.

Every year in Poland, the Youth Word of the Year is selected (well, of course, except for 2020, where, unfortunately, the announcement of the winner was canceled in controversial circumstances)

A great initiative that could be extended to the whole world. I will say more – let’s not choose the most popular word of the year – let’s bet on the Word of the Decade! I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t think long about who should sit on the throne. One word – subscription.

What subscription services have grown to over the past few years is incomparable to anything else

This type of shopping has taken over literally every area of ​​our lives and there is no indication that it would even slightly inhibit it. On the contrary – more and more often I come across completely new ideas for promoting such plans. I won’t be surprised if they pop out of my fridge.

Well, since refrigerators – of course, we can also buy them in the subscription model (I’m not lying, look for yourself). I have already read about the elements of women’s hygiene in the form of a subscription, an interesting program with Nike shoes for children, razor blades, meat boxes and so on … There is a lot of it and I am sure that everyone has had contact with this type of plan at least once.

Subscriptions in pop culture

Of course, the form of paid subscriptions has also been used in pop culture for a long time – mainly in the form of video streaming. After all, years have passed since the launch of Netflix, and followed (and continues) by a whole lot of similar services in the world (HBO Go, Prime Video, Apple TV +, Disney + etc.), as well as in Poland (Ipla, TVN Online, CDA Premium). The former showed how much you can win.

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