Why is my mouse not working?

why is my mouse not working

If you are having trouble with your mouse not working, then it’s more than likely that the optical tracking is not working. Optical tracking is a very common problem on an optical mouse. It means that your mouse is tracking so closely to the right spot on the screen that your movements are misinterpreted as movement. You can solve this problem by firstly restarting your computer and then checking to see if your mouse works correctly. This article explains on how do I fix an unresponsive mouse.

The problem with your mouse not working may be down to your keyboard

To clear this up you will need to first log out of your computer and then restart it. Logging out of your computer just before the mouse stops working will cause a series of errors which could be due to your keyboard causing problems. To resolve this problem you will need to restart your keyboard and then check to see if your mouse works.

Another common reason for your mouse not working is that your optical tracking device is faulty. To test this out, remove your mouse and touch the end of the mouse with a pen to see if you can feel any heat. If the mouse works, then the problem is most likely the optical tracking unit. To fix this, switch the mouse over to the optical tracking one and see if it works. If this also fixes the problem, then your problem is with your optical tracking unit.

Your mouse might stop working due to a virus

The best way to resolve this is to first reinstall the operating system and then clean up the registry with a program called “Registry Fix”. Cleaning up the registry is imperative to ensure that your computer is working at its optimum level. Once this is done, reinstall the mouse and see if it works.

The third most common reason your mouse stops working is that the driver has stopped working correctly

This is actually very common, especially if you are using Microsoft software. The most common way to diagnose this problem is to use the Device Manager to see which device is missing or not working. For example, if you click on My Computer in the Start Menu and you select the device, you will see a list of devices. If you see this device, then you know that the drivers are not working properly.

The other way to solve this problem is to update the driver through Windows updates

Just go to Control Panel > System and Maintenance and updating the drivers should be one of the choices. Sometimes, however, this option is not available and your mouse does not seem to be working anymore. In this case, you may have to look into the internal components of your mouse. These are the batteries and the mechanical drive.

The batteries are the most important component and if they are not in proper working condition, the device will stop working

The mechanical drive is responsible for sending signals to the software that drives your trackball. If the mechanical drive is damaged, the software will not be able to send the signals to the track ball.

The last possible reason why my mouse is not working is that there is something wrong with your computer. This is something you should take care of yourself. First of all, disconnect any accessories and the monitor from its slot. Run a registry cleaner software on your computer and clean away all invalid entries. Also, run anti-spyware and antivirus software. Make sure your computer’s security is working properly before trying to use your old mouse again.

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